Our Story


Asylum Drift is an independent art company. Comprising of 4 different individuals with our own fields of expertise (Fashion, Fine Arts, Theatrical & Photography/Videography), and we are working on cross disciplinary projects. The team is looking to achieve rapid growth through values of collaboration, co-existance and synergistic resource-sharing. 

This is a madhouse. A place to unleash any ideas that one will have. In here, we want to make the impossible possible, giving every individual out there a chance to take the stage and make dreams come through.


It's okay to be crazy!

In Asylum Drift, we create colourful, wild concept. We are constantly evolving - trying to be a better self than before. You may not know it, but we do it all the time subconsciously. The fluidity of our identity is constantly changing. Identity is this incredible invisible force that controls your whole life. But what can you actually do to grow and mature as an individual and as a society?

We say that it’s a mad sea of changes, therefore we want to take this opportunity to challenge all on how you can find that anchor, be the captain who is in control of your own ship. It’s okay to disconnect from the world once in a while, getting lost but it’s important for us to reconnect and continue with our journey ahead.

Red Wall & Stairs

What's your story?

Art is all about reaching for things beyond ourselves, and not only to things like transcendence and beauty but to other people. And we are all passengers on a ship with an unpredictable route. The tides are turning and keep us on the rise. Like the ocean waves splashing about, sometimes we don’t exactly know where we are drifting towards to...but that’s okay as is always going to be an adventure.

Create your story today!

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Joanna Profile.jpg

Joanna Lim

Fashion Design Director

Ben Profile.jpg

Benedict Yu

Visual Art Director

Tiffany Profile.jpg

Tiffany Chang

Theatrical Director

Dinie Profile.jpg

Adli Dinie 

Film/Photographer Director