Sometimes we just want to pop up in the market to showcase and retail our designs and creativity with you.



Airplane Mode

5 Nov 2021 - 28 Feb 2022

Yes, we are extending till end of Feb at GR.iD Mall.


The purpose of this popup workshop/retail is to create a space for everyone to make their own statement. We want it to be inclusive, because deep down, we strongly believe that every individual out there are a creator. Either as an artist, writer, photographer, influencer or whatever title you create for yourself...we are creators in our own ways.


Nothing is ever ugly or useless. It simply is a work-in-progress

situation. We are all talented in various ways, so one should never let your weakness be the downfall of your happiness.


Titled Airplane Mode : We stop communicating with cell

towers but interact on a physical level. In a way, we are bringing in creative ideas from abroad. Let’s take the time to switch off and reconnect with one another starting from ourselves.